Dear PC Chacko ji, Vanakkam: A Raja

Apr 23, 2013 | Pratirodh Bureau

(Pratirodh has received true copy of entire letter written by ex Telecom Minister, A Raja to the chairman of Joint Parliamentary committee which is examining matters relating to allocation and pricing of telecom licenses and spectrum.Here is the full text of two page cover letter and the pdf files of entire 114 page letter send by A Raja to PC Chacko on Monday, 22nd April, 2013.)

Dear PC Chacko ji,

Sub: To examine matters relating to allocation and pricing of telecom licenses and spectrum from 1998- 2009

This is with reference to your letter dated 16.04.2013, and our previous correspondence and oral discussions on the subject.

Despite my repeated requests, you have decided not to permit me to depose before the JPC. In my letter dated 09.04.2013, I had specifically informed you that I was sending a detailed written statement. Even without waiting for my statement, you have prepared a draft report and also leaked it to the media. I would submit that this is not the way the JPC is expected to function.

In fact, you have not even provided me with a copy of the deposition of the Ld. Solicitor General of India, which I had specifically asked for, since I was being asked to respond to it, and which you had promised to give me in one of our oral discussions. I always had concerns about the credibility of the JPC, the procedure it is adopting and the report it will ultimately give, and my concerns appear to be justified.

I am enclosing herewith a written statement for consideration by the JPC. I trust that it will be a part of the report to be given. This is to be read with my earlier note on the deposition of the Ld. SG, which I had given on 18.03.2013. If the JPC requires clarificationson any portion of the statement, I will be happy to provide the same.

Yours Truly
A Raja

please see the copy of documents here-
The covering letter: to read the covering letter, please click here letter-raja
to read the entire annexure, please click here raja-jpc