Feku’s Narco Analysis Test

May 10, 2014 | Pratirodh Bureau
  1. My favourite hobby- scaring puppies
  2. My motto- Mobocracy
  3. My goal- adani, ambani, italian, learn english, go to the US, chai chai chai!
  4. My most hated line- all Indians are equal
  5. My favourite song- I won’t wear the skull cap
  6. I am a born hindu and I am a born-again fascist
  7. I believe in Ek bharat, ruled by me alone
  8. Hitler is my guru, rest are fakes
  9. I have snooped on a lot of people, that girl is just one of them
  10. You see, Gujarat has always been a better- off state, I just hired a PR agency
  11. When I look into the mirror I see hundreds of dead children, women and men/ I keep breaking mirrors. I want clean mirrors not clean chits
  12. The only statue that will be made is mine
  13. Dangaaiyon(rioteers) aur(&) bailon(bullies), Ram is outdated, try me
  14. Who is vivekanand? Oh yeah, devanand’s brother, but why is he called swami vivekanand?
  15. Asaram and I do a lot of raas leela together
  16. Ramdev, sri sri, all of them are just my playthings
  17. See vikas is my kundli name. So, yes! This election is all about vikas
  18. Personally, I am more comfortable with the moniker ‘Lahupurush’(blood-man) than ‘Lohpurush’(ironman)
  19. My favourite film is ‘Me, myself and Modi’
  20. Frankly, fake encounter Shah is my soulmaid. He knows things I don’t even know I should know